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Keene Systems, Inc. was founded in 1987. For the past 14 years we have specialized in database driven websites based on Microsoft ASP technologies. We have a proven record of

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Keene Systems, Inc.

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delivering quality ASP.Net solutions.
We can help your company achieve your goals sooner by shifting some of your workload to our consulting team. We have a scalable team and can put 2 developers or 10 on your project, what ever you need. Our rates are significantly lower than other firms because we use a flexible model of both on-shore and off-shore consultants. We provide quick turnaround, reliability, scalable teams and most importantly, great value!

We have a staff of 20+ ASP.Net consultants, some in our New England offices and some in Mumbai, India. We're a solid team of consultants delivering quality ASP.Net 4.5 solutions to companies all over the US. We're the one stop ASP.Net Web web consulting firm you've been looking for!

Over the years Lance Keene has consulted for some of the most recognized names in the industry:

IBM Texas Instruments EDS The Sarbrook Co., Inc.
Harris Corp. Cummnis Cash & Information The US Army Mack Trucks, Inc.
Kimberly Clark Calvin Klein Cosmetics Corp. Elizabeth Arden Co. Bayer Corporation
Mary Kay Cosmetics Hershey Canada Hormel Foods Corp. Ciba Self Medication
Tootsie Rolls Ind. Ralston Foods Sara Lee Bakery Glaxo-Wellcome UK
J.M. Smucker Co. Pfizer Animal Health Uncle Ben's Tate & Lyle Sugars UK
Ocean Spray Cadbury Beverages Prestone Products Corp. Alberto-Culver Company
McCormick & Co. Weaver Popcorn Co. First Brands Corp. (STP) Janssen Pharmaceutica
Monsanto Ag. Pontiac Foods (Kroger) President Baking Co. Rich SeaPak, Inc.
Perseco (McDonalds) State Fair Foods, Inc. Ohmeda PPD ConvaTec
Beiersdorf (Nivea) Perdue Farms, Inc. Bromor Foods (So. Africa) DPT Labs
Lacks Enterprises AdvancedIllumination Spillers (Ger, UK, Fr., It.) Arnott's Biscuits (Australia)
Rhone-Poulanc Lindt Chocolate State Street Research National Geographic
Partners Healtcare Massachusetts
Board of Medicine
Division of Insurance
Medical Center
HomeSite Insurance Group Graphic Packaging Intl. Lonza Haley & Aldrich

Cosmair, Inc. ( L'oréal, Lancôm, Polo, Maybelline, Ralph Loren)         









 Call me today at 603-726-5058. I'd like to will personally discuss your project with you. -Lance Keene

Our Technologies & Toolsets

Recent projects:

  • National Geographic School Publishing – Carmel, California
    In early 2007, after the Merger of National Geographic School Publishing and Hampton Brown School Publishing they needed a new website and hired Keene Systems as consultants to deliver a solution. The site we developed , is based on ASP.Net, SQL Server & DotNetNuke. It manages more than 16,000 education products for grades K through 12 and required dozens of custom DotNetNuke modules. There is extensive integration with their back end accounting system and support of their sales force.
  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center – Hanover, NH -
    Keene Systems Partnerered with Clinformatics to create a DotNetNuke based International Perfusion Registry ( to share useful and actionable clinical information regarding the practice of cardiopulmonary bypass. We created numerous DotNetNuke modules to manage statistics on patient's heart procedures.

  • HomeSite Insurance Group – Boston, MA -
    Keene Systems collaborated with Bridge Consulting on a project for HomeSite Insurance Group, one of the largest insurance companies in the US. We developed part of their Agent Services site. It allowed agents to get policy summaries, do policy changes, FAX Proof of Insurance, check billing / payments, handle correspondence and do portfolio reports. The site was done in ASP.Net / SQL Server and made heavy use of web services to communicate with other internal systems. After successful delivery of the 1st project, a second project was done with Homesite. It was a desktop application written in C# that allowed them to do an email blast to agents or customers in their database.

  • BAE Systems – Massachusetts
    Keene systems provided mentoring / training sessions in ASP.Net to BAE Systems employees while assisting with a finger print reader project.

  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center – Manchester New Hampshire -
    We developed a custom patient management system for their Bariatric program. It tracks weights, treatments, surgeries, complications and meetings. This system was built on a foundation of DotNetNuke, ASP.Net and SQL Server and contained about 40 custom DNN modules.

  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute – Boston, MA -
    Keene Systems consulted on their Rx Project. This ASP.Net system is used to keep track of patients & their drugs and allergies. We did architecture consulting, DB design, programming and integration with Cache. The system used Microsoft Enterprise Blocks for data access.
  • Mohawk Fine Papers - Cohoes, New York -
    Mohawk is a maker of specialty paper products. Keene Systems built a document retrieval system for them in ASP.Net & SQL Server. Later we built a system to manage mill operations data. This was built on top of DotNetNuke in ASP.Net with SQL Server on the back end.
  • NStar – Boston, MA -
    NSTAR is an energy delivery company with revenues of $3.3 billion. Keene Systems built a custom .Net solution that extended the life of a legacy application. Clearview’s toolset was used to access a legacy inventory system from a .Net application and display that legacy data on hand-held devices in NSTAR’s maintenance trucks.

  • Partner's Healthcare - Wellseley, MA -
    Partners owns several hospitals in the Boston area; Brigham and Women's Hospital, Mass General Hospital, Faulkner Hospital to name but a few. Partners hired Keene Systems to get a .Net project back on track and completely overhaul the user interface. This patient healthcare management system was done in ASP.Net / C#. All data access was done through web services calls to a Cache database on the back end.

  • Circle One Marketing - Norwalk, Connecticut -
    Circle One is a marketing firm that does campaigns for fortune 500 companies. We consulted on several ASP.Net web development and SQL Server development projects to create promotional websites for products like Reynolds Aluminum, Butterball Turkeys, Lindor Chocolates, Allouette Cheese, Birdseye Foods and Chavrie Cheese.

  • Centris Consulting - Scranton, Pennsylvania -
    Centris specializes in Operations Management Consulting. Their clients are world-class Fortune 500 companies and the US Department of Defense. Keene Systems built a time tracking and resource management system for them in ASP.Net and SQL Server.                
  • Greenwood Emergency Vehicles - North Attleboro, MA -
    Greenwood builds custom fire trucks and ambulances. Keene Systems consulted on a .Net winforms application that used a barcode reader to keep track of jobs done and employees' work time and calculated overages. This integrated with their SQL Server Based MAS 500 MPR system.

  • PQNDT – Waltham, Massachusetts -
    PQNDT provides personnel for the nondestructive testing and quality industry. Keene Systems developed their annual salary survey in ASP.Net & Access and maintains their IT systems. Keene Systems functions as the entire IT department for PQNDT.

  • P.Wolfe Consultants - Manhattan, NY –
    P.Wolfe Consultants is a full service architectural firm in Manhattan specializing in permitting and compliance on large scale construction and renovation projects. Keene Systems developed an online permitting system that allowed their clients to fill in most of the information needed for NYCs strict permitting process. The site was based on DotNetNuke and integrated with Acrobat to fill in the city's building permit template.
  • Haley & Aldrich - Boston, MA -
    Haley & Aldrich is an Environmental Services engineering firm. Keene Systems developed a goal tracking system in ASP.Net & SQL Server for them. The system kept track of company level goals, department level goals and personal employee goals to make sure that every member of the organization is on the same page.
  • RegionalOneSource - Phoenix, AZ -
    RegionalOneSource does statistical analysis on government census data filling in gaps in the data. Keene Systems retooled one of their algorithms to improve performance. The application originally took more than 22 hours to complete. Our improved strategy produced the same result in only 1 hour and 20 minutes. It was written in VB.Net and accessed data in SQL Server.

  • ISS Facilities ServicesSanitors, Inc. – San Antonio, TX -
    ISS is one of the world's largest commercial providers of facility Services. They hired Keene Systems to develop an FTP application that automatically moves files between various servers.

  • Synterein - Concord, MA -
    Synterein is an independent, professional consulting firm focused on improving investment performance by applying quantitative concepts to the investment management process. Keene Systems did a 9 month project for Synterein working on various .Net based financial systems.

  • Southwest Exchange Corporation - Las Vegas, NV
    Developed an online system to manage all of the steps involved with processing a 1031 property exchange. It managed customers, brokers, exchangers and bankers. This had a very complex database schema and was developed in ASP.Net / C# / SQL Server. Data access was based on Microsoft's Data Access Application Blocks (DAAB). Our ASP.Net Architecture was a success after 2 other companies tried and failed with the project.

  • Breeds Hill Insurance - Charlestown, MA -
    Keene Systems worked with Delaero to develop an ASP.Net / C# / SQL Server web application to manage insurance information. The system allows their customers (agents) to fill out an online insurance application. The project made extensive use of the Microsoft Data Access Application Blocks (DAAB), Infragistics tools, Excel spreadsheets and CrystalReports. This was a 6 month project.

  • Informa Global Markets - Westford, MA -
    Keene Systems built an online system to manage securities and banking information. The system was written in C# / ASP.Net with SQL Server on the back end. Data access was done through Microsoft Data Access Application Blocks (DAAB). This was a 5 month project.

  • The Dupont Group - Concord, NH -
    Dupont Group is a company specializing in Goverment Relations, Public Relations and Regulatory Affairs. Keene Systems developed a desktop application that connectes nightly to the NH state legislature website to download all of the bills currently before the house and senate into a local database. Since the state provides no direct access to this data, a custom screen scraping methodology was employed. The application was written in C#.

  • State Street Research (now owned by BlackRock, Inc.) - Boston, MA -
    State Street was a mutual fund management company. We developed an internal HR application to calculate bonuses. The application was written in C# / JavaScript / ASP.Net / SQL Server. Keene Systems was hired as the .Net architect and lead web developer. We developed a fully object oriented, 3-tier application to manage their entire bonus compensation program. It worked as both a database application and a spreadsheet to calculate allocation of bonuses throughout the organization.

  • Massachusetts Division of Insurance - Boston, MA -
    Was a senior architect & ASP developer on a 1 year project for the Division of Insurance to create their new online producer appointment system. We first did screen mock-ups and wrote a functional spec. Next, we designed the architecture and wrote a 150 page detailed design spec, then developed the ASP pages and the UI. We used: Classic ASP / Vbscript, SQL Server stored procedures / TSQL & DTS, JavaScript / DHTML, COM / VB, Interdev / SourceSafe. Keene Systems also did the logo artwork and the new site design.

  • fMRI Data Center of Dartmouth College - Hanover, NH -
    The data center is a repository for research data on brain physiology. We did a web marketing campaign for the data center.

  • Massachusetts Board of Medicine - Boston, Massachusetts -
    Wrote a web marketing strategy for the the board of medicine and wrote a utility that exposes public information about doctors to the search engines.
  • Polk County Fire Services - Polk County, Florida -
    Keene Systems built a new real-time web user interface for their 911 emergency system. The ASP.Net UI connected to their SQL Server back end.              

 Client Comments
"Keene Systems developed a profitable eCommerce site and two powerful intranet applications for us. One was an editorial application for entering new books and updating the live site through a workflow-controlled process that included editor, publisher and author approvals. The second was for customer service, billing, and financial reporting and detailed activity monitoring. In all three cases, Keene Systems delivered outstanding turnkey systems that were flexible and open-ended."
David Wilcox, CEO
MeansBusiness Inc.

“Keene Systems enabled us to create an internal database-driven HR application that calculated employee bonuses and hid its complexity from our users. The UI was as simple to use as a spreadsheet.”
Nancy Spalding-Gray, IT Mgr.
State Street Research

“To help us create an internal patient record-keeping system, Keene Systems provided the responsive service we needed, delivering the completed project on schedule and on budget.”
Sharon Hershon, IT Manager
Partners Healthcare

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Veteran Owned Business
Keene Systems is a 100% veteran owned
business.  Why is that important? You can count on us to get the job done.  As the Army ad says "We get more done before 9am than most people do all day."  

Case Study
We’re the consultants who built National Geographic School Publishing’s website It manages more than 16,000 products and is a great example of our work. We'd love to do the same for you. Give us a ring today to see how we can help you achieve your vision.